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An additional fitment issue is about the passengers side, the outer inch does not stay on the windshield. The wipers clean your window great, and appear to be fine at highway speeds, however they flex a lot more than metal-frame ones and chatter after every stroke, that is getting kind of annoying. Need to use original or aftermarket door repair Vancouver holders or simply change the rubber inserts. Get them, anyway, the wipers work well, hugging the contour of the window pane replacement glass with no typical mechanism of tiered metal or plastic junk that gets iced-over during the cold months, plus they should generally be less trouble to maintain than typical old-fashioned wipers.

I’m hoping these continue to work nicely, PS I ordered two identical wiper blades. These work great as fast as possible (no requirement for a speed deflector), clean the windshield better, and keep going longer.

My complaint isn’t with Amazon (service was excellant), something is wrong and I do not have an answer. These are the first auto body Vancouver wipers that I’ve ever used and wasn’t initially sure how well they’d work because I’m accustomed to seeing the more rigid style wipers. Amazon wasted an incredible amount of resources, however the wipers are high quality.

Anyway, the cost is affordable. The product performes very well, and I have no complaints.

Truthfully the best wipers I ever saw. Very first thing I noticed was the way they installed, it appeared like the rest of the non factory wipers seemed to not connect properly to the windsheild wiper arms, these didn’t, they worked perfect. Work nicely, look good and appear like they will last (they have been on for around 4-6 months now). The only real down side to this is the 22″ on the Cadillac and Corvette don’t make contact with the windshield when in “off” position; hence, only 4 stars. Time will tell if they hold up not less than a year. They immediately froze up and created an uncleared area in the center of my vision.

An example, on my small 17″ wiper they have 1″ shorter wiping area than these ones, on my small 24″ auto body Vancouver wiper it was about 1.5″ shorter than the other one. Easy to set up, fit the windshield fantastic. I did previously use rain-ex wipers and they drove me insane on intermittant pace. That isn’t accurate.

Perhaps your better off getting the 18″ dimension for your window pane replacement.

Also noisier than I like, but I have found mine. In contrast to conventional wipers, the twin springs keep the blade real taut — the entire wiper is bowed from the package — and it hugs the top of window evenly its whole length.

I do not live where it snows, just rain. It entirely serves its purpose. Driver’s side is okay. By January both blades were streaking. If you do not mind changing these three or more times annually then these could be ideal for you.

The only real cause I’m giving it three stars only on my replacement window reviews is that the connector is quite a big and it looks like nipples on my small windshield. Living in the Buffalo, New York area, it had been only a matter of time these Anderson window screens would get tested in the winter months conditions.

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