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I additionally like the fact that I do not need chemicals. The car requires a bracket-less blade to look right and also the Bosch look better then the original factory wipers.

I tried many times and consider myself fairly skilled at this stuff.

They’re great for the ultimate wipe-down after the other cleaners, however. Super absorbent, large, great for scrubbing without having to be abrasive.

If only I took a before and after pic.

After doing a bit of research I could not find any fix kits for headlights locally. I followed the directions step-by-step and it worked. I believe we’ll be using them a couple of years – they seem rugged and durable! This Bosch wiper blade, unlike the Trico I originally purchased, actually fits our Lexus RX 350.

I purchased the package and thoroughly studied, and followed the directions. Now, here’s my assessment. One of the most basic elements about your vehicle that most likely never will get much attention to are the wipers. There’s a signifigant amount of “mfg” particles, and it’s a genuine grime magnet. Streaks appeared right inside my eye level. I’ve had my car’s chipped windshield professionally repaired previously and I believe the outcomes of using the product is comparable. Whoosh down, whoosh across and done. It had been great for a couple of months only, after six months of use, it began to develop a streak on the driver’s side.

Loosening the bottom allowed this to happen. It is magic.

It flowed as well as it promised in the instructions.

I could not find these cheaper anywhere to use for an auto glass estimate. They’re quiet and clear the windshield completely during windshield scratch repair. I’ve already washed them many times and they are working as they did when new.

I used the suction cup method on 3 of the biggest and it worked good. I suggest these wipers. You’ll be able to determine the precise stage of influence, but thats about it. You do need to be patient while awaiting the compound to flow in to the cracks.

These blades do not have that problem, but I did need to do windshield scratch repair after using them. Cheaper than purchasing at another windshield scratch repair place.

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