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I will leave a fast overview of the Permatex item changes on that page.

One warning, use the resin extremely sparingly! Before I ordered I did check the numerous 1-star critiques on this item and the only reason I tried the product is it was $10 free shipping and I was quoted at $80 from Safe Light Window Fix. I keep one handy everywhere I am within the apartment for spot-cleaning.

The final key stage is to use a great blacklight to cure the resin.

Make sure to read the instructions carefully, however, you don’t have to be a fix-it type person to effectively use this product.

The cracks filled to the extent the crack was accessible. The directions say to go very very gradually along a crack (Ten seconds per centimeter, that is three minutes and twenty seconds for my crack). I quickly filled in the scratched windscreen by applying mild stress to the back side of the window to spread out the crack.

I at first purchased these wipes for cloth diaper inserts, which I nonetheless do sometimes (do not cloth diaper anymore), but have since ordained them as cleaning wrags. Generally I’ve found these types of miracle fix kits from windscreen suppliers are usually junk but that one truly worked. If the “mouth” of the tube were larger, I’d have had more possible entry points for that resin to enter. (I rolled my windows all the way up, and left the vehicle under the sun.) After I received the package, I applied it (after reading, and re-reading the directions). I believe the design needs to be improved upon a bit, possibly using suction rather than pressure it currently uses. It had been very difficult to see that the resin reached all broken areas, but at first it looked fantastic as the resin pump was on. Nevertheless, an hour or two of late afternoon “cloudy sun” cured it.

All the starring has disappeared, and the point of impact itself, look like no more than just a little chip. I followed the directions step-by-step and it worked. They’re sufficient, get dust and smears, washable and comparatively cheap. Make sure you bear in mind, the main factor about rock chips is: they expand and finally crack the entire windshield if not repaired. Used as payless auto glass cloths, you’ll need no product; they attract dust just like a magnet. The yellow ones attract lots of fibers and hair for whatever reason. I quickly screwed in the attachment and left it for around ten minutes whereby the crack disappeared (acts as a plunger). It flowed as well as it promised in the instructions.

I was completely unsuccessful. Good directions. Absolutely no obvious distinction whatsoever on my tinted windows for cars. Unlike some, I have seen some “miracle” cleaning with one of these cloths on a windshield crack.

They work great.

I wasn’t likely to purchase a car windscreen replacement on a lease. So, my take on the car windscreen replacement product is it seems to be performing it’s job, but I am not likely to be totally convinced until a couple of months have passed and it has not spread anymore.

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