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The product works more effectively than the much more costly kits available on the market. The inside of the windshield is going to be smooth.

But over all this is an excellent product for an auto glass estimate. I’m extremely pleased with the outcomes.

If you did not know where the crack was, you’d never spot it. I truly wish I wouldnt have taken a budget way out though, it did wonders before temperature dipped severely in a couple of day span. It’s a little thin than others from a nationwide warehouse purchase.

The Bosch blade includes a constructive fasten for any safer link with the wiper arm. Everything is left and can be viewed is a very little dot, and a brief faded line, the rest of the chip/crack has totally disappeared. Fantastic size, extremely soft. I had been happy with the results – the damaged area, filled in with the resin, was see-through, not smoky like I’ve come across other windshield repairs. Just do not expect them to be lint-free.

One cloth for each window with no streaks. I would suggest it to anyone! This blade generally did a great job. Is it completely gone? I used the suction cup method on 3 of the biggest and it worked good. “If the resin leaks from the bottom of the resin chamber, gently turn the resin chamber clockwise”. However, there’s no notable improvement whatsoever.

I believe money was wisely spent on this.

They do not scratch, they do not leave lint, plus they clean wonderful. It is magic.

They’re soft, washable, and absorbent as all get-out. Simple to set up too. It is a big stack for little cash and they do big jobs requesting hardly any maintenance in return. These cloths will reduce your cleaning time, and cut costs as they are reusable. They’re excellent and lasted more than a year before I was forced to replace all of them with another of the identical type. They are doing an admirable job and finally, before using other manufacturers before these will simply not buy an additional blade. Dogs moist feet?

But over all this is an excellent product for an auto glass estimate. They’re much better than the windshield scratch repair wipers.

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