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I quickly remarked that if I changed them each year or so visibility was far better.

Putting the very first blade on was a complete hassle. They simply work.

I purchased these Bosch blades at the suggestion of a good car services store. I really like the bracketless style, and I can testify they survived a harsh New England winter season while not having to be babied. Time will tell just how long it lasts, until then it is performing perfectly. My cousin should have purchased a various “type/model” from Bosch, since the ones he purchased for me personally were outstanding.

We put up with that for an entire year. After I purchased these and experienced the problem of obtaining the rebate, I noticed some very similar wipers at Wal Mart. These wipers are kind of costly, and I was expecting a lot more from their store. Sorry, it’s cheaper to buy it inside my local shop.

I streamed washer fluid onto my windshield and it cleaned it away without any streaking with no sound whatsoever. Save yourself the problem of searching and merely buy these.

Such a distinction, these things are wonderful. Both blades work fantastic. One week and these things shouldn’t be streaking yet over my window pane replacement, the product truly stinks. The only real down side to this is the 22″ on the Cadillac and Corvette don’t make contact with the windshield when in “off” position; hence, only 4 stars. I got mine in a BOGO but even at top dollar they’re worth every cent.

My complaint isn’t with Amazon (service was excellant), something is wrong and I do not have an answer. Bosch made the initial set of wiper blades for my automobile, and makes me pleased with the brand new pair. The ice used to block up my old blades making them ineffective, but this Bosch style somehow avoids this problem. Bought this for a Toyota Sienna CE 2003. I had Valeo bracketless wipers before which proved helpful but they are more costly. I most likely would’ve never considered attempting Bosch windshield blades otherwise, but I am so pleased I did. I have used a variety of wipers within the last 10yrs and I must state that these wipers work amazing. But this relatively recent design doesn’t appear to be as good as the OEM blades. Also noisier than I like, but I have found mine. A word of warning is the fact that though the bracket of those Vancouver auto glass wipers come pretty curved in the natural position, it might not match the curviest of windshields like a glove. They are epic.

These wiper blades match completely with my window pane replacement windshield, and work fantastic. Would certainly get this window pane replacement again.

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