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The key concern when buying tires is the style of driving you’ll do with them. Here are 6 tips and tricks to make purchasing your next set of tires a breeze!

1. Think about where and how you drive. Tire engineers design product lines for specific results, for example a cushy ride, durability, sporty handling,or traction in rain and snow. But choosing one virtue usually means abandoning a little of the others.

2. Consider an all-season tire. It’s really a reasonable compromise for most drivers. That is why automakers usually provide all-season tires as original equipment on new cars.

3. Know your current tire. In general, it is best to replace your tires with those of a similar brand, design and size, all of these you’ll find printed on your tires. Look for the ‘P’ (passenger vehicle) accompanied by the tire’s width in millimeters; its height, shown as a ratio of its actual height to its width; ‘R’ for radial; and the last number, which is the diameter of the wheel the tire fits.

4. Decide where you should purchase your new tires. As well as car dealerships, tire stores and service stations, they can now even be bought at discount stores or ordered over the telephone or the Internet. Prices and service vary, so research options and rates whenever you can.

5. Have a mechanic or tire dealer perform the installation. Special machines are essential to slide your tires over the car’s wheels.

6. Keep tire wear even by rotating your tires as the manufacturer suggest. New cars are sensitive to tires with differing levels of wear. Keeping tire wear even means your tires will all need replacing simultaneously, so monitor tread depth to assist you to budget ahead for the expense.

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