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The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company was founded in 1898 by Frank Seiberling. He named the company after Charles Goodyear, the scientist who developed the process for vulcanizing rubber in 1839. The process of vulcanization involves adding chemicals like sulfur to make it into a more durable compound. Goodyear Eagle tires were first marketed in 1928.

They were developed specifically for use as a racing tire. Racing has been an integral part of the company’s history.

Eagle tires have been used in all forms of motor racing from motorcycle, to drag and especially Formula One Grand Prix race tracks. The company were more successful then any other tire maker in Formula One until they retired from the spot in 1998.

The first plant to manufacture synthetic rubber in the United States was built in 1937. The company were contracted by the government to make components for the B-29 bomber in 1943. The company’s 50th anniversary was celebrated in 1948.

The company celebrated its first billion-dollar sales in one year in 1951. Their billionth tire rolled off the production line in 1963. They made the world’s largest tire in 1971 at the plant in Topeka, Kansas. It was nearly 12 feet in height and weighed 7,000 pounds. The year 2009 saw the company launch more than fifty different products around the globe.

The Eagle RS is approved by the Department only for use on a race track.

The compound that makes up the tread has been specifically formulated for race track conditions. It also has premium side wall styling.

The G-19, G-19 Formula and the Spec Racer Ford make up the sports car specials. The G-19 model is a premium asphalt tire with specially designed compounds to enhance the tread life and a smooth tread that enhances the tire’s performance. An R475 compound is specifically designed for cars with front-wheel drive. The G-19 Formula excels in handling, steering response and traction. The Spec Racer Ford and its Wet partner are composed with a specially formulated compound mix for superior traction and longer wear.

The Rain series consists of the F1 and the G-18.

Both tires are available in different compounds for all classes. They come in both open tread for wet track conditions and an intermediate pattern for damp or drying tracks.

There are four models in the Vintage line. These are the Blue Streak G-7, G-12 and G-12A. These have been imported from a private company and are distributed by Goodyear. The fourth Vintage tire is the Eagle G-19.

The other high performance sports tires are the F1 All Season, F1 Asymmetric and the F1 A/S-C.

Each model is rated on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the best possible rating) for ride comfort, quiet ride, and dry, wet and snow traction. The F1 All Season is has ratings of ‘8’ for snow traction as well as quiet ride. The F1 A/S-C is rated ‘7’ for snow traction and ‘8’ for everything else.

The F1 Asymmetric achieves ratings of ’10’ for dry traction and ‘9’ in all other areas, except snow traction, in which the rating is classed as ‘N/A’.

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