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How To Repair Auto Paint Chips

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How much to repair a paint chip on car?

How much is the general price for repairing a very very very tiny chip on my car? I just bought this car brand new about a month ago and scratched it a bit on the side view mirror. I am just very anal about this itty bitty chip because it is a brand new car! I don’t want to get ripped off, so I would like to know what is the average cost for something so small, maybe even the smallest repair auto body job? I’m just hoping it won’t cost me more than a $100!

The chip is the part of the paint that is missing, so you don’t repair that. You repair the nick (sometimes called a ding). It’s the damage you see on the car when a chip of paint is missing.

You can do it with touch-up paint. It’s a small container of auto paint available at the auto dealership. The container is about the size of a bottle of nail polish. The cap to the container has a little paint brush in it just like the brush in a nail polish bottle. Just put a little dab on the car nick (or ding) and let it dry. Don’t try to paint the nick like you would your nails. Just give the nick a little dab and let it dry. It doesn’t look like a professional job if you look at it with a magnifying glass, but no one does that. It all blends in, and no one notices. The costs of the item is $10 or less. When you try to purchase the item, they’ll ask you for the color code. It’s on your car. Usually on a plate that lists other information about your car. The plate is usually located on the door edge or door pillar. If you can’t find it, they’ll come out and read it for you.

Paint jobs are usually a minimum of $200, no matter how infinitely small the ding is. That work makes the ding look like it never happened, but it’s not worth it. Try the $10 approach. I’ve done it a number of times, and nobody notices all the dings I’ve fixed.

You’re welcome gibbyguys–I have a 2004 Ranger right now and have touched up at least a half dozen dings on it over the past years. People seem to like to ding me for some reason. I received the touch-up paint free in the mail from Ford a short time after I bought the truck (new). It was a thank you gift for giving them my business.

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Repair Auto Paint Scratches

Repair Auto Paint Scratches
I messed up my moms car!!! Help!!!?

Ok I was going into the garage and its small enough already and I went too fast in and scratched the right back hand door. There are various scratches on the door and many are all the way into the metal. Its not that noticeable right away but it is noticeable. I went to an auto body shop and they said it would cost 786.93 for the repair. I can pay it but its a lot of money and I don’t know what my moms deductible on her insurance is but I don’t want to tell her. She hasn’t noticed for about 5 days now surprisingly. They have to repair a dent put a new clear coat of paint and fix some scratches on the door. As you can tell I know nothing about cars so what should I do. btw I’m 18 if that figures into the equation and I live in canada.

Tell your mom. It will make things better in the end. More then likely if you tell her she won’t be as mad as she will be if she sees it and finds out that you didn’t tell her.

Maybe when you tell her what happened and tell her that you have the money to get it fixed she will help you find a better price and she will more then happy that she can trust you to tell her when you have made a mistake.

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