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Automobile Tires | Weather Conditions Can Alter The Life Of Your Tire

Choosing The Best Automobile Tires For Your Vehicle

Choosing the right kind of automobile tires for your vehicle is very important. It may be that you have the top of the line vehicle or possibly just a little second-hand one that has seen much better days. Whatever kind of vehicle you have you need to pay attention to the kind of tires you are purchasing for the best interests of your safety and your bank balance.

Getting the kind that was on your vehicle when it was brand new is one way to get the right kind.

If you can’t quite remember what they were then here are some tips to help you choose some. These guidelines may help save you some unnecessary extra expense.

You may have a general idea on how long you want them to last. Asking the sales person about longer lasting tires may be helpful. The tread life, grades, and ride all make a difference. It is generally known by some that a tire graded at one hundred will not last as long as one graded at one hundred and fifty. It is also important to realize that weather conditions can also shorten the life of a tire.

Because weather conditions can alter the life of your tire it is best to list the ones that your tires will experience the most.

You may live in an area where there is mainly snow most of the time, or it may just be very wet. These things are important to remember and mention in the store, so that they can bear this in mind when recommending several that you might like to choose amongst.

It is also a good thing to realize that tires that are speed rated at the highest end for maximum speed will cost you more than one that just takes you to a lower average speed. You might want to consider if you really ever travel at high speeds most of the time, or whether something that is for example an H-speed rated one that will take you up to 130mph is all you need.

There is a list that can tell you the different speed ratings. The sales person will know the ratings or have a list available.

These ratings alter the cost a great deal.

The higher the speed rating on them, then the higher they cost. Unfortunately though, this may also mean it has a shorter life. Discussing this with a sales person can help them to give you better advice on the right kind for your vehicle that may save you some money.

Considering using a 60 series instead of a 50 or 40 series can save you money if you travel on bad roads, or over a lot of pot holes. The 60 series should be able to handle the rough roads better and for longer. But the choice is up to you.

After you have considered all the things above that can help you decide the right automobile tires for you, there is something else to consider.

When you hear traffic some of it is caused by noisy treads. Different brands have different treads and some are noisier than others. If you’d like quieter tires then the sales person can help you with that as well.

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Sorting Out the Best Tires For Your Ride

This could often result in expensive bills to fix the problem. It is always a good idea for one to keep a spare tire in his or her car in case of emergency. Tires can be expensive; the ability to fix them will aide in keeping money in one’s pocket. There is one way in which fixing a flat tire is speedy. A can filled with compressed air can usually aide in providing a temporary fix for a flat.

Many people choose to patch their tires. A plug is similar to a patch and is usually used by automotive professionals. Sometimes, a patch can be considered a hazard. A change in tread makes some people cautious to patch their tires. There are many places that will aide in rotating tires. The front tires carry ten percent more weight than the back tires.

This can cause substantial wear on the front tires. Having tires changed around accordingly will prolong the life of the tires. It is common to rotate tires around every 5,000 miles traveled. One must be careful to rotate directional and non-directional tires accordingly. A professional can help your rotate your tires for a small fee.

Different Types Of Tires Available: There are many types of things that require different types of tires. If one were to have a high end sports car, he or she would be advised to be sure it is equipped with only the finest ‘high performance’ tires. These tires are specifically designed to go at higher speeds. Mud and snow tires are normally placed on by a professional.

These tires will aide one’s vehicle in withstanding the most dramatic conditions. Often the treads are exaggerated and softer. The added traction will aide a vehicle in staying put in harsh weather, rather than slipping and sliding. Many consumers find themselves more drawn towards all season tires. These tires provide the vehicle with the necessary traction for a variety of weather conditions and are mainly used on cars.

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An Explanation of Car Tire Numbers

When you look at your tires you will notice several sets of numbers on them. These are groups of several letters and numbers which will be meaningless to you, particularly when you are not involved with tires.

However, the numbers provide significant information about your tires and may be of great assistance when you need to inflate them or when you are purchasing new tires.

Let’s take a look at a car tire number and decipher it.

The number is P235/75 R 15 89H.

The first letter, in this case “P”, refers to the type of tire. The letter P designates your tire as one for a passenger vehicle. Other letters you might find include T for temporary or spare tire, or LT for light truck.

The second number, in this case “235” is the tire width as measured in millimeters from one edge of the sidewall to the other. A good rule of thumb is that the larger the first set of numbers are, the larger the tire size is.

The number 75 refers to the section height or aspect ratio of the tire. You will see the numbers are listed as a ratio 235/75, indicating that the height is 55% of the width The designated purpose of the tire is revealed by this tire number. A lower number indicates that this is a short sidewall, giving better steering and handling in general.

The next position, “R,” shows that the tire is of radial construction. The radial tire is the most common kind of tire made.

The number 15 gives you the diameter of the rim, as measured in inches. This number is particularly important when you need to make a change in the size of your wheel.

The next number, “89,” indicates the load index of the tire, or the amount of weight which can be supported. That is, the greater this number, the heavier the load that may be supported. In P235/75 R 15 89H, the 89 states the tires can bear 1,260 pounds.

The letter “H” corresponds with the speed capacity of your car tire. An H in this case shows a maximum speed of 130mph on these tires. H is only one of many different letters assigned for various speed capabilities on tires.

If you want to purchase the most appropriate tires for your car, it pays to get to know these numbers.

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Las Vegas Wheels and Brake Pads

Knowing that the brake system is properly working, and that the tires are at the proper level, properly inflated, and that your best tires are at the front end of the vehicle whenever possible, are all things you have to keep in mind while driving, especially in a busy city such as Las Vegas, where you are dealing with all kinds of drivers, and tourists which may not be the best of drivers.

So, knowing where to take the car in, to maintain it, and always make sure that your brakes and tires are at the optimal level, is something that drivers also have to thing about when driving anywhere, but especially in a city like Las Vegas, where it is always non stop traffic and noise, no matter when you are driving, and no matter what time of the day it is.

You are always going to run into horrible traffic conditions in this city that never sleeps, and you will be driving amongst tour buses, tourists, taxis, and all other motorists, so knowing that your brakes and tires are going to be able to stop, when you need them to, is something that you can control as a driver.

Even though you can’t control how others around you drive, you can control the way your car is going to react to the stop that was unexpected, or to that bumper to bumper traffic when you are driving home from work on a Friday afternoon.

No matter what the conditions are like on the road, as a driver in Vegas, you have to make sure your car is going to respond the way you need it to in the toughest conditions. So, make sure to keep up on maintenance, and make sure that your tires and brakes are always working at their top performance levels, to keep you and your family safe on the road.

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Does Your Neighborhood Auto Repair Shop Do a Comprehensive Maintenance Inspection with Each Service?

[youtube:zK9Y7XigZgc?version=3;Sixth Avenue Auto;] Considering that auto maintenance is a routine part of car ownership, it’s important to find a mechanic who is honest, reliable and thorough. Taking a car to the auto shop for regular services such as an oil change, tire rotation and even a tune-up is necessary, but how much more valuable would the service be if the mechanic performed a comprehensive inspection of the entire vehicle? High-performance vehicles, especially, often require more attention to detail, but all cars and trucks benefit from more in-depth maintenance. The life of an automobile usually relies on regular servicing and maintenance. A periodic comprehensive inspection is a great way to know that everything is working as it should be, or get a heads up on what needs some service.

A typical auto mechanic will perform the maintenance and/or make any repairs you ask him to do. Some shops, however, routinely offer full vehicle inspections designed to uncover any and all potential problems. In effect, it is a preventative checkup of the vehicle’s many working parts. Catching small problems early could save the average auto owner substantial sums in major auto repairs. For example, a small overlooked oil leak can eventually lead to ruined valves.

While it varies from mechanic to mechanic, a comprehensive vehicle inspection typically includes a check of 100 or more points or areas of concern. Not only is a visual inspection done, but with almost all vehicles these days being computerized, a computerized check up should be included as well. A checkup is usually broken down into several primary categories:

* Performance

* Under hood

* Body

* Under body

The performance inspection covers the general functionality of the vehicle. Lights, wipers, instruments, turbo function, heating and air conditioning are all tested. How well the car stops, handles and changes gears is noted.

The under hood inspection focuses on the engine, electrical, fuel, cooling, intake and exhaust systems. All hoses should be examined for wear, leakage, and potential breakage. The battery and starting system should be tested as well. Especially during colder months, a weak battery should be replaced before the driver finds themselves stranded somewhere because the car won’t start.

The levels of oil, transmission fluid, coolant, brake fluid and power steering fluid all need to be checked, as these are all vital to the health and optimal performance of the vehicle.

The body check includes mirrors, glass, seats and seatbelts, while the under body inspection focuses on the steering, suspension, brake system and tires. The axles, exterior exhaust components and transmission should be checked, too.

Such an in-depth inspection helps a mechanic advise you on the work that should be done to the car, what can be put off for a while, and which items might be causing less than top performance. Oftentimes, these inspections are performed on pre-owned vehicles so prospective buyers know what they’re getting into.

It’s always best to have an ASE-certified Master Technician perform any vehicle inspection. There are eight certification areas, and while an ASE-certified technician is qualified in one or more of the areas, only master technicians are certified in all of them, making them the top choice for whole-vehicle inspections.

Owners of high-performance import automobiles are well advised to find a specialty mechanic. Mercedes service, for example, will differ from Audi service, so it’s important to find a skilled technician certified to work on your particular auto manufacturer.

While you’re having an inspection, or anytime you have work done on your car, it’s a good idea to ask whether the work is guaranteed and for how long, if OEM parts or generic aftermarket parts are being used, and whether this shop can handle big jobs like engine rebuilds or replacement. With good preventative maintenance and a little luck, your car may never need to have its engine switched out, but it’s helps to have a mechanic you trust ready to take care of big jobs, should they be necessary.

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If you need Denver auto maintenance Author Stephen Daniels recommends the mechanics at Sixth Avenue Auto. They specialize in working on Audis and Volkswagens, but also service domestic cars. All work at this trustworthy neighborhood shop is performed by ASE-certified technicians.

The Right Type Of Tires For Your Cars

The automotive industry has grown so far. Almost all people all throughout the world have cars. Automobiles are becoming more popular that even middle class people find cars a necessity. The great consumers of these inventions are people in the corporate world and those who are in business. The high demand for cars has led to the rapid advancement and growth of the automotive industry. This has consequently led to the production of several types of cars. These types may vary in the design and the tires that are being used.

The quality of cars could also be determined through the types of its wheels. Wheels are important parts of a car. They are the ones that are attracted to road surfaces and they provide the car a cushion for shock absorption. Wheels of a vehicle could either be made up of natural or synthetic rubbers. Fabrics, wires and other chemical compounds may also be utilized.

As mentioned, the wheels are the ones that are constantly attracted to ground surfaces. This makes them important. It does not count whether you car has the best design if the wheels are of poor quality.

The good thing herein is that with the advancement of car designs, the wheels are also improved. Right now, even cars that are not so expensive have good quality wheels for better and much safer driving.

If you find it hard to choose what kind of car to have, this article will be of great help in giving you tips how to choose the car that best suit you considering the type of wheels for good driving.

When you have to choose the right vehicle, you need to put into considerations a lot of things. However, you can make the process simple by knowing from the start what your intentions are in having a car. This could lessen the process in such a way that when you go to a store, you could just easily tell the sales agent that you are looking for a car for such purpose.

Another thing which you should consider is the store that you intend to buy a car. You should choose the store that you trust enough for they could recommend you good quality cars with excellent wheels. Tell them your requirements for them to easily browse in their list of cars that matches your necessities. Usually, you can determine whether you could trust them or not through the questions that they ask of you. If they throw the right questions, then they are people who honestly want to give you what you really want for a vehicle.

In some instances like you already own a car and you just need to change its tires, the general rule is you choose the wheel with size that is the same as the one that is recommended for your vehicle. Second, you have to know that wheels of a vehicle have speed ratings which could be the same or higher than the original ones. If the wheel that you choose has a lower speed rate, it will consequently affect the rate of speed of your vehicle. It all boils down to your purpose of driving, how you drive, and the nature of the surface of the road.

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Is Your Import Car in Need of Repair – Or Just a Boost in Performance?

[youtube:zK9Y7XigZgc?version=3;Sixth Avenue Auto;] If you own an imported car, chances are you are a person who values peak performance, unique design, and an individual approach to life. If your vehicle is an Audi or VW, you probably want it to perform like it did when it you bought it, and the best place for keeping it serviced and equipped is your local Volkswagen or Audi service center. Just because your car isn’t brand new doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t run like it is.

The techs who are specialists in servicing imported vehicles know there is a difference in manufacturing specs for domestic versus foreign automobiles. Whatever we drive, we all know that getting replacement parts when necessary is always expensive. It stands to reason that a mechanic with established relationships with auto parts vendors is most likely to get the best prices. Many domestic shops, while very competent in dealing with domestic cars, are not as well set up to keep your import up and running at its peak performance.

Regardless of the type of car you own, or are considering buying, it’s always a good idea to look for a shop with ASE certified master technicians. These mechanics have undergone extensive training through the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, so they are very well trained in maintaining and repairing your vehicle.

To earn the ASE certified distinction, there are a series of tests they must pass:

* Engine repair and performance

* Electrical and electronic systems

* Brakes

* Heating and air conditioning

* Suspension and steering

* Manual drive train and axles

* Transmissions

ASE technicians must be recertified every five years so you can be certain that these folks are up to date on all the latest technological advances that will enhance your car’s performance.

In addition to ASE certification, the best mechanics will seek out extended education opportunities wherever they exist, and will become certified with these vendors. Companies such as Bosch, reputed to be the leading global supplier of advanced fuel injection, antilock braking and stability, starting and charging, ignition and electronic systems for European, Asian and domestic manufacturers; or Revo Technic one of the leading vendors of high performance ECU tuning software to make sure that your car is running at its full potential, will help your shop keep your car finely tuned.

Specialty shops offer other advantages as well. They will be up to date and will have the parts necessary to take care of your car. They will not only be knowledgeable about any upgrades you might be interested in; they will also have the inside scoop on things that can be very costly to you. While they clearly have a love of Audis and VWs, they will know if there is a model that consistently underperforms expectations or has common malfunctions you’d rather not deal with. Be sure to check with the mechanics at these shops for advice on which models underperform or outperform their competitors before you buy.

When you own an import car, it pays to take it to an auto repair specialist for your brand – from warranty issues to recalls – performance upgrades to replacement parts, they will care for your vehicle as if it were their own.

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If you need a Denver auto repair shop Author Stephen Daniels recommends the mechanics at Sixth Avenue Auto. They specialize in working on Audis and Volkswagens, but also service domestic cars. All work at this trustworthy neighborhood shop is performed by ASE-certified technicians.

Advantage Of Disc Brakes

Whether you drive a Mercedes, a motorbike or a pickup truck, you probably have disc brakes on your vehicle. And even though you probably never think about their function, they are the single most important function on your vehicle. Though there are several types of motor brakes, the drum and the disk, the disk brakes are more commonly used. Disc brakes are far better than drum brakes because of their powerful stopping ability. Disc brakes handle substantially better in wet weather conditions. Why chance anything but the best?

What are Disc Brakes?

Put simply, disc brakes consist of two pads that grasp a rotating disk. The disk, or rotor, connects to the wheels by an axle. You control the grasping power. When you pull on the brake, the clamps come together on the disk, forcing it to stop spinning and causing your vehicle to slow down and eventually stop.

How Do You Control Disk Breaks?

In a car, controlling your disk brakes is as simple as pressing the brake pedal or pulling up on the emergency brake. For motorbikes, however, there are two ways to slow it down. You can use the right hand lever or the rear left foot lever. They actually work better when you use them together to better the efficiency and lengthen the life of the disc brakes and pads.

How To Maintain Disk Brakes?

Regardless of the type of vehicle you drive, you will probably need to consider break maintenance or replacement at some point. It is important to check the thickness of your brake pads. If these pads are bare they can cause pricey damage to your disc brakes.

You should also keep an eye on your vehicle’s brake fluid. Your vehicle will run more efficiently with the occasional dose of fresh break fluid.

Replacing the break pads and the disc brakes fairly easily on your own. Don’t hesitate to get help if you are unsure though. A simple mistake like a poorly fitted brake pad can cause scarring to your disk brake.

What Type of Damage is Possible To Your Disc Brakes?

There are several ways your break disks can show damage. They can warp, scar or crack. It’s best if you can catch these signs of damage early on and repair them as quickly as possible to limit further damage to your disk breaks. Unfortunately, once they crack, the disc brakes are not repairable. It also helps to get the help of a certified professional when it comes to making repairs to your disc brakes.

How Are Disc Brakes Designed?

These days, the designs of the disc brakes vary greatly. Some are made in classic solid steel, but others have special hallowed out sections that allow the extra built up heat to escape. These slotted steel wheels may help prolong the life of the discs because they reduce built-up heat and cut back on the possibility of warping. The creative designs are endless and each design has a different effect on the performance of your braking system.

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When Car Tires Fail: Underinflation, Road Debris, And Other Factors

Although tires are durable, numerous factors can cause them to fail. If you’re driving on a freeway or narrow highway, this poses a danger to your safety as well as that of your passengers and other drivers. A blowout can cause you to lose control of your vehicle.

Most of the factors that lead to tire failure can be controlled, or at least minimized. But doing so requires familiarity with the reasons treads fail in the first place. That is the goal of the present article. We’ll introduce the most common causes of tread failure, so you’ll be able to prevent them from occurring.

Problems Caused By Insufficient Air Pressure

Lack of sufficient air pressure is more problematic than many drivers realize. It compromises the integrity of the tire’s structure, making it more susceptible to a blowout. The rubber material along the sidewalls undergoes more stress than normal, which in turn causes the temperature around it to rise. Exposure to these circumstances over an extended period can cause the treads to pull apart.

In most cases, underinflation occurs when drivers neglect to check the pressure in their tires over time. Air slowly leaks from between the treads at a rate of approximately 1 psi per month. Over the course of several months, a tire can become severely depleted to the point that a blowout is possible under certain driving conditions.

It’s worth noting that excessive air pressure also poses a risk of failure. When there is too much air in a tire, the rubber material of the treads and sidewalls becomes more sensitive to external objects. A sharp piece of wood that would normally not cause a problem can puncture an overinflated tire.

Potholes, Nails, And Other Hazards In The Road

Though less common than underinflation, sharp debris and other road hazards can cause significant damage to tires. Sometimes, they result in an immediate blowout, as might occur if you drive over a sharp piece of concrete that causes the treads to separate. Other times, a piece of debris may puncture a tire, and cause a leak. This can happen if you drive over a nail that remains lodged in the treads.

Still other times, a road hazard may seem to have no effect on the tire, but actually compromise its structure in a way that cannot be immediately observed. Here, a blowout is more likely in the future, especially if the tire lacks sufficient air pressure.

There is no way to entirely avoid road debris. Potholes, refuse, and countless small, sharp objects litter the roads. Whenever you can do so safely, drive around them.

Speed And Load: Factors Of Tire Failure

Tires come with a speed rating and load index. The former reflects the top speed at which the treads can be safely driven. The latter reflects their load carrying capacity, or the amount of weight they can support. Both numbers are important to recognize since exceeding either can lead to a blowout.

If you habitually travel at high speeds that exceed the speed rating of your treads, buy replacements that offer a higher rating. Likewise, if you carry heavy items in your vehicle that place an excess load on your tires, upgrade them to a higher load index.

The Need To Replace Worn Treads

A lot of tire failures occur as the result of excessively worn treads. Many drivers allow them to wear past the point at which they should be replaced. The common rule is to replace treads when the grooves between them are 2/32″ deep, or less. But it’s a good idea to replace them sooner since doing so helps to maintain traction with the road’s surface and control of your vehicle. An important point to remember is that severely worn tires are much more vulnerable to road debris.

Your car’s tires influence your ability to brake, turn, and steer. Check the air pressure and condition of the treads every three to four weeks to ensure they last as long as possible.

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Find More Facts about Lowering Windshield Replacement Cost

As drivers just about everyone has experienced accidents that damaged our windshields at some point or some other. It could have been anything from severe damage caused by ramming into one more car to gentle damage after a kid hitting it with a projectile. No matter the reason it can be a less expensive solution to have your windshield mended as opposed to changed since the windshield replacement cost is greater.

Windshields are manufactured by installing plastic layer sandwiched by two glass layers so it can be repaired devoid of resulting in any structural damage to the car. These tiers avoid shards of glass from injuring passengers in the event of a major accident. For vehicles that move at high speeds it is important that the windshield is strong enough to face up to the pressure forces that act on it that also retains pressure balance between your outside and inside of the car for a cozy driving a car experience.

Practically, most garages provide online booking services to enable you to choose the windshield you need fixed on your car and book a scheduled appointment with a specialist, this saves you time and also to some extent money. You don’t wish to visit to quacks to have them fix your windshield since leaks will provide you with an unsatisfactory day especially over a rainy day. Leaks will even significantly modify the aerodynamic balance of a speeding car and in the even worst scenario it could be ripped from its moulds by the forces of nature!

Glass must fit flawlessly and should not fall in the case of a car accident. This helps prevent the roof caving in on the passengers or passengers getting flung from the car on impact. This may be the saving straw for you in a crash.

There are actually set industry specifications for glass products useful for windshields and you need to ensure that yours satisfies these expectations. It needs to also come from qualified original equipment manufacturers to get a guaranteed long service.

Here are more tips on reducing windshield replacement cost.

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