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Online Auto Repair Guide
Questions about Auto Repair Job?

I just got a job working on cars all day long Im 16 have worked on cars since I was 9 but never had a job before. Will there be a online repair guide for most vehicles or will I just have to know it from basic knowledge and yes I have alot of knowledge about cars but there are many many different makes and models out there and I haven’t worked on all of them yet so it would be nice if I knew the fastest way in and out without just taking everything off and putting it all back on kinda see what Im saying? basically will I just have to know everything or will I have a guide of some sort?
I agree with you two. I have the knowledge to know what the part is, looks like, and general location, but just some cars have extra crap and electronics that are very sensitive and would help to have a reference to make sure a fast and semi frustrating way to do it.

what works the best is to have a good repair manual handy when doing any car,they will have the needed information in them to help you with any car,most cars are basically the same the function the same,but have different components,experience will come to you as you do each job ,just take your time ,most mechanics get in a hurry and tend to over look important things,as you get better at it you,ll also get faster at doing it,good luck with it ,enjoy it,its fun work at times,other times it will drive you nuts.

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