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Know Why To Do Oil Changes And How To Do It Easily

Doing an oil change on your vehicle is necessary maintenance which can be done fairly easily and cheaply. Understanding oil changes and how to do it right, can extend the life of your engine. Dirty oil is no protection against wear and tear and so without changing the oil and filter your engine will wear out very quickly.

Preparing to do an oil change you will obviously need the new oil and a filter to fit your engine, and the right tool to remove the sump plug.

Be aware that the filter is dependent on the size and type of engine not just the make of vehicle. It is handy to have an old bowl and a filter wrench.

Many people will say the filter wrench is not necessary, just use a screwdriver. Well admittedly that works, but it may be very messy. It is also very prudent to have a jar and brush containing some engine de-greasing agent, again you can do the job without but the little extra effort makes a big difference to the finished job.

You will need also some kind of jack and axle stands.

Again you can work without the axle stands, but when lying under a vehicle and putting pressure on parts it is wise to have it securely supported for your own safety. The small supporting area of a jack can easily allow the vehicle to tip or slide and land on the ground, possibly on top of you!

Once you have all the necessary equipment It is best to run the engine until warm. This allows oil to wash over all the parts, and drain quickly. With the vehicle warm and safely secured on the axle stands you will need to get underneath and remove the sump plug. If this can be done with a socket, you should be able to remove it without touching it with your hands. Before removing the sump plug place the bowl below to catch the oil that comes out. Be aware the oil will be warm.

When the main engine has drained you can then use the filter wrench to remove the filter.

The bowl should be below this too so that you can remove it and place it in the bowl, as it will contain a quantity of oil. This may be a good time for some refreshment to let as much oil as possible drip out.

Once the majority of the oil has drained, the sump plug can then be refitted with a new washer if necessary. The new filter can then be fitted, and a good seal may be made by adding a slight coating of clean oil to the rubber seal. The degreasing agent can be used to wash any old oil off the outside of the engine, which will make it easy to see if there are any leaks.

With the vehicle back on the floor, the oil can then be poured in.The engine has to run for a few minutes to get oil into the new filter, so then it will be necessary to check the level again before using the vehicle. Now you know more about oil changes and how to do it right, so can tackle the task with confidence.

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