Perhaps the best maintenance method for your car is preventive maintenance. Aside from prolonging the life of your car, it can also ensure that your car is in top condition especially during times when you need it the most. You’ll only need to check the basic components of your car on a regular basis in order to achieve this, and set a general checkup schedule that would best work for you and your car.

Each part of your car plays an important role, but without the tires, your car literally won’t run. Check your car’s user’s manual to find out how much pressure the tires should carry for efficient performance. Filling your tires with the correct amount of pressure can also help prolong their lifespan. It’s also advisable that you have the tires rotated after every 7 thousand miles the car travels.

In checking the hoses and belts that are found under the front hood of the car, pay attention to damages and leaks to find out whether they need some fixing or not. Meanwhile, there are only two things you should monitor when inspecting the engine and transmission oil: the color of the oil and the oil level. If the oil fails to reach the mark that says FULL, it means you have to change oil. The same thing should be done when you notice that the oil has turned black or brown.

There are three indicators to watch out for when examining a car’s brakes for malfunction. First, listen carefully for squealing sounds every time the car stops. Second, feel the pedal. You should not be able to push it all the way through. Third, watch out if the car goes through a one-sided stop every time.

If you hear a squealing sound each time you go for a brake, it means you should replace the pads. If your problem is with the pedal going all the way down when you step on it, you may need to add more brake fluid or replace the rear brake lining. With the third brake problem, adding hydraulic pressure will help solve the problem.

In terms of the car’s battery, understand that even though it usually lasts for 5 years maximum, there are a few things you can do to avoid replacing it earlier. First, is by keeping the wires clean. You should also make sure that the wires are tight enough and the battery is held secure.

Lastly, set a schedule for the car’s monthly check-up and be strict to comply. It will effectively eliminate the risks of car problems and accidents. This will ensure your safety as well as a stress-free car use and ownership.

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