You can save $100 if you do it yourself in repairing you own vehicle.. if you are going to use the manual only once then don’t bother buying a manual that would cost you $20 or $30. You will be amazed to know that there are actually a lot of sources available online where you can get free auto repair manuals. Repair manuals online:

o The website called AutoZone’s website is your first place to check. For a comprehensive free auto repair guide this site covers most makes and models of vehicles from 1950 to the present.o Website like Napa auto parts provides oil changes, checking fluid levels and replacing air filters tutorials on basic auto maintenance.o Other than being a user friendly website with tons of information, also as a bonus has guides in repairing small engines and household repairs. Message boards and forums:

You can still check you local book stores for they might have a manual available.

Car talk, a good forum is provided by Edmunds web site. The members on board only have little knowledge on this and are based on peers.

Also available online are peer based forums and few other forums and message boards. A few results can be seen when you type auto repair forums or message boards on any search engine. But be careful when websites will tell you that they are free but then try to sell you something or say you can post questions but you will have to pay a fee to receive an answer. It is so common to find auto repair guides and all the information that you need for free therefore you don’t have to pay. Libraries:

Another option you can have is your local library to have free auto repair manuals.

Since repair manuals are usually located in the reference sections of most libraries and you cannot check them out and take them with you, you are allowed to photocopy any pages you need from the manuals.

Chilton’s or Haynes is an online auto repair manual that a lot of libraries subscribed to and they offer free access if you have a library card.

To know if this service is available in your local library, call them now. is an eBay company that sells used books for a fraction of the price of new, you can check here if you prefer to have a paper manual.. For as low a $1.99, you can have a paper manual of the auto repair. Alibris books and are some of the other used book websites you can check. website is another source you can try. You can post your questions here and answers will be provided from real mechanics.. Whether you want to know about auto repair, troubleshooting and maintenance, you can use this site to search for them..

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