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Brake Pads and Rotors

In this post we'd enjoy going over the most elementary types of brake repair and what to look

out for when your brakes have issues. You'll ultimately need to have your brakes serviced. Brake repair is frequently awfully affordable, but can get steep if brakes are not serviced on a constant basis. The first most typical problem is the brake pads. These have to be replaced intermittently to prevent the lining from wearing down and causing the brake shoe to rub on the rotor causing damage and reducing brake potency. The disk rotor has a very machined surface where the brake pads contact it. Just as the brake pads wear out over the passage of time the rotor also undergoes

some wear, generally in the form of ridges and groves where the brake pad rubs against it.

Brake Liquid

Another issue that may be a problem is brake liquid most modern automobiles have a clear brake fluid reservoir that allows you to see your brake fluid level simply. If you happen to detect the brake fluid is dropping in a short period of time you have to have your brakes check as quickly as achievable. Also brake fluid should be clear or barely yellow if the liquid is dark or filthy it needs to be flushed.

Master Cylinder

The most typical problem is an internal leak. This will cause the brake pedal to slowly sink to the floor when your foot applies steady pressure. Letting go of the pedal and immediately standing on it again brings the pedal back to basics height. If the master cylinder fails, the brake alert light on the dash will light, cautioning you to the issue.

Brakes Lines

Brake Fluid comes from the master cylinder to the wheels in tubes called the brake lines if any of the contections or tube fail they must be replaced


The caliper is what pushes the brake pads onto the rotor when you step on the brake pedal. If the calipers lock up, the brake pads will wear down to metal and then damage the rotor. Caliper pistons can also leak hydraulic liquid, causing the pads to not be able to press agaish the rotor, and the brakes will not be successful.

In this post we sumed up some of the basic brake repair issues you are likely to encounter. Please be at liberty to Call us at (281) 379-5800 to line up an appointment if you are having difficulty with the brakes on your vehicle.

Tyger Lucas has been in the auto business for over 30 years and his independently owned shop Lucas Auto Care is t he logical alternative choice to your dealer for all brake repair Houston.

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