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Repair Auto Paint Scratches
I messed up my moms car!!! Help!!!?

Ok I was going into the garage and its small enough already and I went too fast in and scratched the right back hand door. There are various scratches on the door and many are all the way into the metal. Its not that noticeable right away but it is noticeable. I went to an auto body shop and they said it would cost 786.93 for the repair. I can pay it but its a lot of money and I don’t know what my moms deductible on her insurance is but I don’t want to tell her. She hasn’t noticed for about 5 days now surprisingly. They have to repair a dent put a new clear coat of paint and fix some scratches on the door. As you can tell I know nothing about cars so what should I do. btw I’m 18 if that figures into the equation and I live in canada.

Tell your mom. It will make things better in the end. More then likely if you tell her she won’t be as mad as she will be if she sees it and finds out that you didn’t tell her.

Maybe when you tell her what happened and tell her that you have the money to get it fixed she will help you find a better price and she will more then happy that she can trust you to tell her when you have made a mistake.

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