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How To Repair Auto Glass
2001 Toyota Solara Convertible Top Rear Window Stuck?

I bought a 2001 Toyota Solara Convertible a few months ago (used, as is – no problems so far) and I yesterday when I went to put the top back up, the rear window got stuck and tore from the top. I tried putting some epoxy glue on it but the glass was too heavy, it didn’t work. I was out of town and didn’t want any rain coming in so I taped it up with some Gorilla tape and that held it up for the majority of the 10 hour car ride home. My question is how do I go about getting this fixed. I do not believe I should need a new top or new window, as they are both in good condition. Is there a stronger glue I can try or who do I take it to (what type of auto repair shop, glass or upholstery or someone else) get it fixed? Also, about how much should this cost? Thanks for the help.

Let’s lay some groundwork here. Your top and window unit are two separate parts. If you removed the top, the entire window unit would remain on the car. The window unit consists of the glass and the material surrounding it that enables one to attach the glass to the car.
You say that your window got “Stuck” and “Tore” from the top. Was the glass unit in good shape? If so, the first step is to find out why it got stuck. Did it really “Tear” the material? If so, you need a window unit and some frame repairs.
Was the glass coming loose from the cloth and jammed somewhere? That is not unusual and is addressed by replacing the window unit, about $225.00, in the box at info@topgunwon.com. Re-gluing it almost never works. When it does, it seldom lasts long. If you insist on trying it, this is how you do it. Remove the window unit from the car. On a workbench, position the glass in the cloth pocket of the window unit. Fill the pocket with the same urethane adhesive that is used to glue windows to cars. Get it from a glass shop. Clamp the material to the glass. How you do that is your call. You will probably have to be inventive, Let it set for 36 hours. Reinstall the window unit.

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