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How To Repair Auto Air Conditioning
How do I know which part I need to repair on my 2005 Hyundai Accent?

I have a 4 door 2005 Hyundai Accent. Any time I turn on my air conditioning or heating system on any speed (1=lowest, 4=highest), I hear a strange clicking sound. I hear the noise coming from the air vents. The noise sounds like a leaf stuck inside of the air vents and it is making a rattling sound. I have been listening to this sound for a few months now and don’t know what problem is creating this sound. I have not had the time to take my car in to an auto mechanic to have it looked at to find out what is wrong. I plan on visiting an auto parts store to purchase the correct part to solve this problem and fix it myself when I have the time. Would you be able to tell me what part I need to purchase to fix this problem please? Thank you for your help.

if air is blowing from vents something might have fallen in to vent and is hitting fan blade,if no air from vent only noise sounds like fan is no good and needs replacing.

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