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How Repair Auto Body Scratches
5 Day Old Ford Edge Got Scratched —any experts?

This was so mean. I had my car keyed on my friend’s block, and the worse part is that I don’t know anyone on that block! My car was only 5 days old (it didn’t even have plates on it yet) and when I came back to it, I immediately noticed a deep scratch on the driver’s door and an almost identical on the passenger’s door. I couldn’t help the tears because the worse part is that I did nothing to deserve this. Are there any auto body repair experts that would be able to tell me how much this will cost? The scratches are about 9 inches long, and they definitely went deep. My car is a 2007 Ford Edge in a very dark gray (I think the color is charcoal) and I live on Staten Island, New York. Thank you so much.

Well being a partner in a body sop business I do feel for you pain.
First get a baseball bat and whack any punk that comes near it.

Then take it to the dealer….the salesman….show him the scratch and you emotions do come into play here. that;s your new baby and someone kicked it….it’ll cost but you don’t need to repaint the doors and a “good” touch up and buffing will not promote rust. look at the scratch I bet you can see an odd color like green or red. that is the primer and the E-coating. If no metal is visible then you are OK and it won’t rust. You will be out about 500-900 bucks depending on how they feel about your emotions…..
Oh ya Staten Island hire a body guard for the car…

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