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Do Auto Insurance Companies follow up on repairs?

I was in a car accident about a month ago. I was hit from behind by a 20-year old with a suspended license. He is still insured on his parents insurance, State Farm Ins. Thank God, because I don’t have collision coverage.

Anyway, I have a body repair estimate so they can replace my entire bumper. I want to pocket the money & use it for something else?

The thing is that when I spoke to State Farm, they said they’d have an
adjuster at my body shop to look at my car & take photos as documentation. I plan on leaving my car at the body shop & telling the shop not to do any repairs. Will State Farm follow up with the body shop to find out if I really got the repair done???

they want you to take the vehicle by there for an inspection. where you have the repairs made is up to you. If you do not have a lien on your vehicle then the check can come to you and it’s yours to do whatever you want.

This is not insurance fraud.

Now if you were to claim it again in a later accident…this is fraud. But i know you wouldn’t do that…right???

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