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In the past few years or so used car warranty companies started popping up all over the place because purchasing a dependable auto warranty for a used car has become more and more necessary. In a down economy it’s a wise idea to have a warranty on a pre owned car as opposed to getting a new vehicle with a manufacturer’s warranty.

One of the main reasons why folks buy new cars is because a new car is equip with a manufacturers guarantee which gives people peace of mind when it comes to safety and dependability. But the cost of getting a new car can far out weigh the cost of keeping their current late model vehicle and basically getting a reliable aftermarket car warranty just in case of a transmission or motor problem.

Buying a new automobile is known as the worst investment one can make, as opposed to getting a auto warranty that will actually add value to your current car and is usually transferable if you decide to sell your car. You will also be covered for all major mechanical problems and most likely will not have to ever spend a penny on vehicle repairs again!

The types of extended service contract plans can differ in price and coverage choices. If a vehicle has an auto warranty that covers just the motor and transmission, it is thought of as a powertrain warranty. These types of auto warranties are usually the least pricey and only cover the motor, transmission and rear end differential for breakdown due to a malfunction of it’s internal lubricated parts.

The next step higher for auto repair warranty plans typically cover the power train as described above as well as other systems such as pumps, cooling system components as well as steering system components and certain parts of the air conditioning system. Auto repair warranty plans in this category are extremely popular because they offer many different protected components and are usually reasonably priced.

The price of an aftermarket car warranty plan for a pre owned automobile does not only get determined by the type of protection and covered systems but also gets determined by the year make and mileage of the car getting coverage. A 2003 Nissan Maxima with 50,000 miles would typically be less prices to gety coverage for than a 2002 Jaguar with 45,000 Miles because parts and labor for the high line vehicle would most likely be considerably more expensive. So there would be a big difference in the price of the auto service warranty coverage.

You may also get Bumper to Bumper auto service warranty plans that cover virtually 95% of the vehicle. A bumper to bumper auto service warranty will protect everything that is covered in the mid level aftermarket car warranty including much more. Most of the times they protect all electrical components such as window switches, all electronic systems of the car, power seat switches and motors, power window mechanisms and door lock switches. This type of coverage normally cover all vehicle sensors such as O2 sensors, TPS sensors, Electronic Stability control mechanisms and just about any electronic system you can imagine in your vehicle. This type of extended auto warranty coverage usually is very expensive and for good reason. You practically get Bumper to Bumper coverage and never have to think about spending money to repair your automobile in case something goes wrong with it!

Many extended auto warranty companies will also give you a option to either pay for an extended service contract in one lump sum if it is something you can afford to do, or they might also accept a small down payment of most likely a $200 and monthly payments as low as $10 or $15 per month. These types of plans are structured to help make good aftermarket car warranty coverage attainable to practically any driver who can use one. It’s easier to give a few dollars on a monthly basis and gain peace of mind, than to be without any extended service contract coverage on your pre owned car and get stuck with a $2500 repair bill if your transmission starts to slip. Remember there isn’t anything better than having peace of mind when it comes to owning a used automobile!

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