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A student used to be able to take an all-inclusive class that would teach how to repair and maintain mechanical things such as cars and lawn mowers and electric mixers. This was in the 1960’s and 1970’s and the class was taught in high school.

Teaching about car repair was not just removing an engine. The class actually took every part of the car apart and labeled it. That would include all the wiring, the chassis, each wheel and axle, every part of the door. It was quite a lesson.

The student had to label each piece in such a way that he would know where and how to put it back onto the vehicle.
Once the student had the vehicle completely dismantled, he then carefully put each item back where it came from and then made everything work again. The instructor was so skilled in the field that he could guide a teenager to accomplish this task.

The students who took this class graduated from high school with certain knowledge of how to care for and repair a vehicle. This hands-on method made students into good car repairmen. But only some of them chose mechanic as a career choice.

As time progressed, so did the complexity of cars and vehicles. The career of mechanic became more specialized, too, and as with other professions such as doctors, mechanics and shops began to specialize in a few sections of repair rather than overall vehicle repair. These days it is rare to find a truly experienced person such as the students who took that class.

Some legal changes occurred, too, that made cars more complicated. In an effort to reduce pollution, laws were passed concerning emissions control and the parts of the car that accomplished this were more complicated than the older cars. There were new designs of mechanical parts to make cars go faster, last longer, corner more easily, brake faster, and have more power. Wiring was replaced with computers.

Some car repair shops specialize by repairing only specific types of vehicles, e.g. a repair shop that does only German cars or only trucks and vans. Other repair shops specialize in only tires, or brakes, or muffler or a body shop.

There are also large chain auto repair places that do all kinds of repairs. Take a number and wait in line. Sometimes you get fixed what you wanted fixed. Sometimes you leave with a new problem that now needs fixing. So did they create the new problem in order to make an extra buck?

Family owned vehicle repair shops that have mechanics that know vehicles inside out, just like in the old days, do exist and are true gems. A person can go to such a shop, feel like one of the family and know that their vehicle will be taken care of. Such shops depend on delivering quality service at a decent price.

This is a reliable way to do business. Because the shop delivers dependable service, people return when they need something else repaired. And they recommend the place to people they know. Word of mouth is the best promotion.

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